Promoting your Blog/Site through Directory-Style Review Blogs

Creating a blog or web site won't just miraculously bring in loads of visitors. There's millions of web sites on the web, and it's very likely quite a few of them are talking about the same things you're talking about. If you want to stand out on the internet, you better do some promotion.

In our online marketing section, we talk about some of the possible techniques such as article marketing, the more expensive Pay-Per-Click option or even social networks like Facebook or Twitter. There is however one more very realistic option: getting your site reviewed or mentioned on a directory-style "website review" blog. Hundreds of blogs post about web sites like yours, and show them off to their readers. For a new site, being featured on a blog like that is priceless, as it not only brings in visitors clicking through from those blogs - but also a link back to your site that the search engines can follow.

Finding sites like this isn't hard. Type "site review blog", "review blogs" or something similar into your favorite search engine, and you're good to go. Most of these sites have a contact page that allows you to suggest your site for inclusion...

Want to get started now?

Here's a couple popular examples of directory-style review blogs. Send them a link to your brand new site and who knows, you might just have a whole new batch of readers on your blog soon!

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